Africa HR Connect Limited is a human resource bureau which provides human resource solutions to  businesses within Ghana and West Africa.  We focus on providing effective HR solutions for the corporate world, by supporting operations of micro, small, medium and large scale organizations to deliver HR Excellence within their organizations.  Africa HR Connect seeks to assist management of institutions to reap full benefits from the complementary value of the human capital at their workplaces. With a brilliant knowledge of the African environment, we are ready to enter into strategic partnerships with your business across West Africa and assist you engage an equally worthy HR partner in other regions of Africa.


Our vision is to be the most-preferred HR-Support service business across West Africa complementing the efforts of corporate management from all over the globe to deliver HR excellence within West Africa.


Our mission is to support management of corporate institutions to deliver quality people management service and to complement their efforts in achieving such goals within the West Africa Region.


  1. To provide professional HR services and advice to businesses.
  2. To conduct HR-related research and surveys for businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals that express such need.
  3. To conduct training for organizations, businesses, institutions and individuals and support in the development of the human resource base across West Africa
  4. To provide professional counsel to individuals that seek redress on HR-related issues.
  5. To render recruitment Assistance, Search and Selection for Organizations.
  6. To serve as an HR office for businesses which do not/do not wish to have such office or function in-house.
  7. To deliver outsourced jobs for organizations within HR and Administration scope of work
  8. To serve as a Private Employment Agency.
  9. To organize business events geared towards the growth of businesses in Ghana.


Depending on the project we are undertaking, we sign a memorandum of understanding with prospective clients on agreed tasks to be performed. Subsequently, we present a proposal for the client’s acceptance before commencing with the project.

Status reports are often submitted in the course of a project to inform the client on the state of the project. A final report is presented at the end of the project. Upon clients’ request, we sometimes play a significant role in managing the post-project period.


Our fees are based on the professional expertise that would be required to handle the project/s effectively and to satisfy the needs of our clients. Aside of specific HR projects, we normally enter into a retainership agreement, payable in advance, monthly or quarterly, with our clients.

Our professional charges are exclusive of VAT and NHIS levies and are paid at the prevailing rate at the time of payment. Our rates are often over 25% below the market rate, thereby making our services very affordable to both large companies and SMEs, without compromising on quality.

Sometimes, key expenses incurred during the project are added to our professional charges. Though it may vary, our expenses are often between 5% – 15% of the professional cost.


Pan Africanism

Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Africa HR Connect office or submit a business inquiry.