Our vision is to be among the top ten HR consulting firms in Africa, providing HR solutions to local and International organizations and professional HR advice to individuals and groups.

Service Lines

Technical HR Solutions

We offer technical HR solutions to companies that may or may not have an HR department. We offer technical HR advice, undertake specific HR assignments, and support the in-house HR department / unit to carry out their functions more professionally. We also become your HR department if you do not have one in-house. By partnering with you, we help you to concentrate your valuable time on running your core business while Africa HR Connect takes responsibility for the management of your people for improved efficiency and higher productivity.

Executive Search & Selection

We render recruitment assistance, advice on selection processes, strategy for retention of staff, etc. and assist with background checks on prospective employees. We handle recruitment assistance for lower management and carry out search and selection activities for middle management, and Executive Search for upper management levels. However, we may consider recruitment assistance for upper grade junior staff category after a critical assessment of the specific project.

Research & Surveys

Reliable information is a critical tool for effective decision-making and efficient management of the human capital in your organization. To obtain this, we can assist you to conduct HR-related research and surveys in order to take strategic decisions for your business. Researches include salary surveys, attitudinal/opinion surveys, satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, KAP surveys, etc. We are also available to sit with you and understand your specific need and tailor our research to address those needs.

Employment Agency

In line with the provisions of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651) Africa HR Connect Limited operates as a private employment agency, recruiting for both local and foreign companies that may require our services. We do undertake similar assignments in other African countries through our collaborative network of HR professionals. We ensure that proper due diligence is carried out prior to sending or receiving assigned or recruited personnel.

On / Off Site HR Office

The contemporary way of managing the human capital in an organization is by outsourcing part or the whole of the HR component to a professional. Africa HR Connect offers professional HR advice, undertake specific HR-related assignments, and support the in-house HR team to carry out their functions more professionally. We also carry out outsourced jobs, during which we provide and manage staff that are engaged in non-core activities of the company’s operations. Through our comprehensive administration of your company’s employee benefits, government/legal compliance, training and workers’ compensation, etc. we become your HR support department. Now you can get the human resource expertise you need to add up to your current HR set-up with a low budget.

Education and Learning

We assist businesses to conduct appropriate and relevant training programmes directly linked to their operations, in-house or off-site for their workers and management. We can assist your team to identify and put together training needs and subsequently support you to organize appropriate training to satisfy those needs. We can help your employees to become more focused on the job by applying a positive attitude towards work to meet set objectives. We can also train your managers to acquire appropriate transformational leadership competencies to grow your business.

Expatriate Solutions

We partner you to ensure that your expatriates are on-boarded into Ghana with little or no difficulties. Whether you are prospecting for new business in Ghana or engaging in a short -term project, we support you to get the appropriate work permits, residence permits, accommodation, car leasing, etc. for your expatriate to feel at home in Ghana. We also take care of the school search for your expatriate’s children and assist you with crafting appropriate contracts for your expatriate’s domestic workers in order to be complaint with local laws. We can support your expatriate with similar services in other parts of Africa though our network of collaborative HR professionals.

HR Audits

We offer professional services in auditing your HR systems to ensure that they conform to regulatory, business and social standards. Through this, we can help you to keep your HR section on track with the corporate objectives and suggest improvement opportunities that should strengthen your HR systems.

Events Management

We organize and manage business events that have the objective of growing businesses within Ghana in particular and Africa as a whole. Events like business launches, trade fairs, cocktails, seminars, etc. serve as the media through which we seek to grow businesses in Africa.

Industrial Relations

We offer strategic advice on how to establish good working relationships with unions and put in place appropriate systems to create a peaceful industrial environment at your workplace to prevent strikes and lockouts, etc. Whether in a unionized environment or not you can contact us for advice and strategies to handle your industrial relation challenges.

Project Management

Our program is geared towards improving organizational efficiency Program and performance. Participants will understand the linkage between Corporate Strategy and Projects and will demonstrate the essence of going through professional approach to project management (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing) for all projects


Working with the Amadeus platform, we are able to carry out reservations and secure tickets for you to travel to any part of the world.  Whether local or international, Africa HR Connect is able to get you good ticketing deals to travel to your destination with no hassle. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, we can secure you very competitive rates for your travel. We are also able to assist you to book into safe and reputable hotels at your travel destination to make your travel further burdensome.

Car Hiring/Rental/Lease

We are able to support your travel efforts by getting you chauffeur-driven vehicles to your destination within Ghana. Whether you need a vehicle to travel to a different region in Ghana, carry out pick-ups and drop offs within the local community, or lease a vehicle for a long term period, say one or two years, we can support you get the vehicle of your choice. Our rates are very competitive and normally with 20% below the market rates.

Pool Car Outsourcing

Business processes have changed significantly, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of buying a vehicle, fueling and maintaining it, employing a driver, paying for his salary and benefits, pensions and medicals for himself and his family, you can simply outsource the pool car role of your business to us and we will manage it professionally, all for a reasonable fee at the end of the month. Our drivers are well trained, our vehicles are in excellent shape and our cost is relatively cheaper than what you are spending presently for the same service. Just give us a try and save some more of your hard-earned revenue for your business.


Satisfy Customer Needs – Our prime objective is to identify and satisfy the needs of our customers at all times.

Confidentiality – We are aware of the sensitive nature of the information we work with and maintain utmost confidentiality for all information shared with stakeholders in discharge of our functions.

Teamwork/Collaboration – We believe in working together to achieve set goals as a team

Integrity – We maintain the highest standards of integrity in our dealings with all stakeholders.

Our Approach

Depending on the project we are undertaking, we sign a memorandum of understanding with prospective clients on agreed tasks to be performed.

Subsequently, we present a proposal for the client’s acceptance before commencement of the project.

Status reports are sometimes submitted in the course of a project to inform the client on the state of the project. A final report is presented at the end of the project.

Pan Africanism

Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent.

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